At Holy Family Catholic School, we’re building a better world where Christ’s love can be spread through education, service and unity one student at a time. This is true at the heart of our academics. Modeling Jesus, our instruction will enrich students using all resources with positive, self-centered techniques in order to motivate them along their journey toward success. During their time here, Holy Family students develop the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, mental and physician attributes that will last a lifetime.

Elementary Education Program

The Holy Family Elementary Education Program begins in Kindergarten and concludes with the fourth grade.

The Holy Family Elementary Education Program nurtures independent thinking through academic inquiry, embracing the uniqueness of self and others, working with others, introduction of Christian values, classroom and homework habits.

On a daily basis, students are encouraged with their classmates and teachers to develop their budding strengths. Your student will confidently and quickly begin to add building blocks in mathematics, social studies, Language Arts, Technology and in so much more. As they learn and grow Holy Family Catholic School will be there to lay the academic foundation as they learn new and unexpected things about themselves every day.

In addition to equipping your son or daughter to be successful in the classroom, we also provide Elementary Education Program students with Catholic values and teachings.

Our Fifth Grade Link Program

A period of exciting and accelerated development and learning for your child.

As they walk-up another flight of stairs to our Fifth Grade and High School Preparation program, our students will continue to build and apply academic skills in Mathematics and Language Arts. During these exciting years of their lives, we encourage your student to discover their innate talents, grow in personal self-confidence and to begin to think more critically inside and outside the classroom. We help your child to develop individual study habits and learning skills to help them to be successful in fifth through either grade and beyond.

High School Preparation Program

At Holy Family Catholic School we believe that the Fifth Grade and High School Preparation experience make our students succeed long-term.

Our fifth grade Link Program, is a period of exciting and accelerated development and learning for your child. They will begin to foster the skills needed as they continue to our High School Preparation Program.

While continuing to build on the Elementary Education Program foundation, beginning in the Fifth Grade, Holy Family students will begin to become empowered independent thinkers through personal accountability, embracing the uniqueness of self and others, daily work ethic and healthy competitiveness. We will help your child and equip them with the intellectual and emotional tools, strength of character and various life skills they will need to be successful in high school and though out their lives.

Beyond very challenging academics across a variety of core courses like Science and Algebra, the High School Preparation Program also affords our students mentoring opportunities monitored and managed by faculty and staff, where they can develop and practice positive leadership traits while guiding Holy Family students in our lower elementary grades.

Our team of experienced High School Prep teachers has very high and clear expectations for each student. They encourage each child to be a successful and well-rounded individual. Upon graduation from Holy Family, your child will think independently, be motivated to set and achieve goals, develop collaborative relationships with peers and teachers, and embrace their own role in the Catholic Church.