Holy Family School Philosophy

We, the members of Holy Family School, believe that…

  • All aspects of curriculum should be instilled with Catholic values and teaching
  • Students should be challenged to learn and achieve to the best of their abilities in order to make them responsible members of the Church and society as a whole
  • Modeling Jesus, instruction should enrich students using all available resources with positive, student-centered techniques in order to motivate them along their journey toward success
  • The role of curriculum is to provide a framework of stated guidelines to meet performance standards with cooperation between all grade levels
  • Assessment needs to include a variety of strategies to fairly evaluate students with a plenitude of learning styles
  • Teachers should continually re-evaluate and improve their methods and techniques through approved classes, workshops, and Catechesis
  • Through example, evaluation, and encouragement, the Catholic administration sets the example for continuous improvement in faith and action
  • Flowing from Jesus Christ, a Catholic community in partnership with the parish builds that community with mutual respect and interest
  • Through active Catholic service, our education gains reality and gives witness to our faith in Jesus Christ
  • Qualified catechists form the faith which spurs us toward lives that are centered on God and our neighbor